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My Credit History
Thursday 17th May 2012

My Credit History - is explained and the new site built to deliver all credit related data.



 Quick turnaround, great quality, and low cost is always a winner. But service is the glue that makes things stick. These guys have been terrific resource for both my company and clients. - Testimonial

Through My Credit History your company can reduce the incidence of bad debt write-offs and most importantly improve your bottom line. Dealing with people in bad debt situations costs Australian companies billions of dollars each year.

My Credit History, in connection with Veda, has access to the data of 14.6 million credit-active individuals, 3.6 million companies and businesses, 3.81 million Sole traders in Australia.

When you can properly understand credit files and fraud risks in association with your work climate you will be able to provide a positive basis of operation for your business. You will be able to proactively manage existing customers and in turn provide a more satisfying experience. And most importantly improve your bottom line.

Making informed decisions when dealing with other businesses is vital. You don’t want to turn around one day and discover extended fraudulence has been beneath your nose. By linking your business with My Credit History and Veda you are automatically giving yourself a real chance at continued success.

Veda Credit File information and My Credit History can:

•          Create automated decision-ing systems for business

•          Provide both decision specific and wider trend information on consumers and businesses

•          Power marketing service decisions

•          Enable asset and property decisions 

Without contacting My Credit History you may be dealing with fraudulent businesses or individuals on a daily basis.