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My Credit History
Thursday 17th May 2012

My Credit History - is explained and the new site built to deliver all credit related data.



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Welcome to My Credit History

My Credit History is your first stop when you want the ability to control your credit file. Your Credit File can be used for different objectives depending on if you are an individual or a business/company.

For an individual credit providers look to your Credit File when you apply for a loan or credit. These credit providers determine if you are credit worthy based on what your Credit File says. Your Credit File is continuously updated every time you have applied for credit or been late paying a bill.

If you are experiencing trouble gaining a loan or would like to view your Credit File then speak with My Credit History. Through our collaboration with Veda you can see your Credit File. Seeing your Credit File allows you to realise who has given you a negative assessment and then there is the option to rectify this situation.

Help detect and prevent identity theft: By signing up for My Veda Alerts you can monitor changes on your Credit File. My Credit History can help a company or business to avoid fraudulent people. In many instances ID can be stolen and used online. If you are in the habit of dealing with outside sources in your business then having access to the Credit File of those people can guarantee their authenticity.

When you subscribe to My Veda Alert, you will be notified by email within 24 hours if any of the following is added or changed on your credit file:


Employment Details

Consumer credit enquiries

Details of overdue consumer credit accounts

Commercial credit enquiries

Details of overdue commercial credit accounts


Court judgement

Writs and summons

Directorship information

Information that you have a current credit relationship with a credit provider

Manage your credit reputation: By being informed you can more proactively manage your credit bureau file. My Credit History enables companies and individuals to ensure their financial future by having access to the entire view of their situation. Don’t let your Credit File go unnoticed when it could be doing you damage.